Yes, I am a girl and I was in an accident where a boat hit me.

People remember you by certain things about you; the way you talk, dress, what you’ve done, what you haven’t.

For me I am the person who they now say, wait, you’re the girl who got hit by a boat? Which is true, but its not a very comfortable topic for me. I understand there are worst things to be known as, but there are a lot of far better ones too.

So yes, I did in fact get hit by a boat, five years ago now. I was 14….My sister and I were kayaking at my family’s cottage and a motorboat came around a point and didn’t see us. We were in separate kayaks, mine was bright green, her’s bright blue. She was wearing a orange life jacket, mine was bright yellow. Mine saved my life, I lost consciousness for less than a minute after I was knocked out of my kayak. The boat had hit me after it had run over the front of my sisters kayak. I was air lifted to the hospital, my sister was supposedly fine. It extensively damaged my right arm; my dominant arm. I shattered my ulna (the pointy thing on your elbow) and broke my humerus. Two years, three surgeries, four casts, one brace, a bunch of different metal and some synthetic bone and I’m supposedly healed. With seven screws and a plate in my arm, from my elbow (top of the ulna) to a third of the way down my forearm, to stay for the rest of my life. My sister is visibly fine, she has soft tissue damage in her back and shoulder, but they can’t do anything for it.

The purpose of this blog you ask? Since I’m all healed….this was me figuring what I could and couldn’t do, but now its me talking about my life, daily pain management, but not giving up because of it. I live my life doing things the way I want to, and I’m not going to become something I don’t want to because what I want is too difficult to achieve.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Candace said:

    This is going to be really inspiring. I can tell already , and a really healthy way for self expression

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