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With 3 surgeries over 2 years and metal wires, plates, screw going in and out of my arm. Add in a little fake bone, a ton of physio and my right arm; ulna shattered, (the pointy thing in your elbow) and my humerus broken was healed. I have most of my range of motion, not what I did have, but….I have some muscle mass, I’m not lopsided, completely. My most loss is strength, and feeling. Goodbye 70% of the sensory function (touch) in my right arm, and 30% of my overall function (movement)…..honestly, I miss you but the most I notice is that it hurts so damn much to write with my right hand. And to do a bunch of other stuff too.

So I gained a lot of pain, and because I really disliked scribes (trying to tell some one how to write a math equation was just too frustrating) I learned to write with my left hand, I still do….

During the past 3 years since it happened, I’ve been Captian of my highschool’s FIRST FRC  robotics team for 3 years, part of a VEX Robotics team for 1, I volunteered for FIRST FLL, and FRC tournaments. I was able to play rugby for the last 2 years; not without a lot of pain, I played my viola, not so much my strumstick. I was in my school band for gr 11, had a job as a cashier in gr 12. I also learned to ride a motorcycle, I have a Triumph Street Triple, 2013, Imperial Purple. I ride it almost everyday, I find it actually helps with my mental health (honestly it does).

So if you didn’t figure out in that last paragraph, I kept myself extremely busy in the rest of my highschool career, gr 10-12. I threw myself into school, it was something I could so. I didn’t want to think about what I couldn’t do anymore, what I had lost. I have an extremely high pain tolerance, my main strategy: ignoring it, when that doesn’t work find something to do, when that fails make yourself so busy that you don’t have time to eat let alone think. My parents don’t really appreciate those means of dealing with it, but really, pain killers don’t work. I have nerve pain which requires really fancy medication that I can’t drive while on. I’ve found some that works, but it makes my stomach hurt which sometimes I’m not willing to trade for.

I’m not complaining, I don’t really complain. I look mostly at the positives, I always make jokes and make light of what happened. I never walked down the halls bemoaning what happened to me. I was my life and I tried to make the most of it. For medical appointments I was always a favourite patient because was polite, and kind no matter how much pain they inflicted on me. They were doing everything they could to help me. I never forgot that.