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To sum up everything


  • Played my viola
  • Played my strumstick
  • rode my bicycle (on two different trails)
  • exercised
  • played rugby/family football games
  • baked
  • worked for my grandfather and dad doing free manual labour (tons of fun actually)
  • swam across my dads little lake (we own a cabin and the lake is about 200m wide, not the cottage)
  • Fishing
  • Wind surfed
  • Kayaked
  • Canoed
  • Boating

That’s what I did the summer of grade nine….which is actually a lot in my opinion. So what I gotta do to figure out how much I lost I have to find what I can’t do….so I have to go back and do all these activities if I can.

Being honest though, I can’t do the last 5….wait! I could do shoreline fishing…maybe….I’ll try at the cottage again, as long as people don’t laugh at me for wincing every time a boat goes by…..which you never know with my family. But wind canoeing, kayaking, and wind surfing…..if they can’t see me in a kayak what’s the difference with a canoe or the sail down when wind surfing? That is kinda depressing….

I’ve got a couple things down already exercising, I try to cycle (inside on a stationary bicycle) everyday for at least 20 min and then do some resistance training. Since my viola lessons stopped this June, I haven’t really practiced…..hehe…but that can change. My stumstick I haven’t really touched at all since the accident…

So overall the Goals are:

  • Play my stumstick and viola
  • ride my bicycle
  • play rugby/family football games (this may have to wait….my sister broke her collar bone on her motorcyle…)
  • bake (already made short bread!!)
  • do some free manual labour (already moved a ton of gravel!)
  • swim across the lake (there’s no boat’s on it 😉 but still would be good to take a buddy)
  • Fish, from the shore, maybe

While I also continue riding my motorcycle, and fooling around with my friends and family.