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Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve been at the cottage 🙂 I created my FAQ page before I left, so if you checked in there was something new. If you didn’t know about it now you do! It answers some questions that I normally get, if you have a burning (or just regular) question that you want to ask me feel free.

On to the cottage, I mostly worked on my goal to give some free manual labour to my grandfather. Which I did! We got a lot of stuff done. I was nice to my arm and it didn’t hurt too bad, it was only after drilling a bunch of holes into cinder blocks that it was really upset with me. So that is definitely something that I can still do (this is where if I had a happy dance, I would actually perform it).

My other goal while at the cottage was to practice my viola….which I wasn’t as successful with…I even asked my family who was at the cottage to nag me to do it….and they forgot…so that’s another thing I need to work on. But its always good to have something to work on!