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That’s a phrase that one of my friends you to say when she saw that my arm was bugging me. We created it in grade 10 science when she would write half my notes for me (though she would split them with my other buddies in that class). We had a good time in that class, wasn’t too hard and got good marks.

Today we were ‘having a heat wave’ (I say that in the sing song voice, like from the movie white Christmas). If you don’t know what that means, it means (for where I live) that the humidex is really high; so it’s not a dry heat, you walk outside and you are covered in sweat not matter what you where or do. This means if you don’t have to work (hope its air conditioned for you) you either go to beach, or some where you can swim or you whole up in the air conditioning. If you don’t have AC in your house you check out the mall or the movies. That meant for me today that I holed up in my basement, unpacking and doing laundry from my trip to the cottage. And played on the internet and read. Good days.

I especially reworked my regular work out, my old regular one was getting too easy and boring. So I searched pinterest for workout ideas and looked through my final project for gym (had to lead the class in a whole class; warm up, workout, cool down). I created a circuit that combines cardio, core and strength/resistance 🙂 Its mixed up enough that I don’t kill one area of my body at a time. And its personalized for me so I don’t have to come up with other activities to do because I can’t do the current exercise the class is doing because of my arm. So I don’t have frustrating and depressing moments where I dwell on how I used to be able to do that and life was so much better than…well you get the idea.