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….This is where some one would chime in and say I was never normal….So to be more specific, I miss when I was a regular student. That didn’t have to ask and arrange for extra time to write tests and exams…What brought this up? Well yesterday I got to drive 5 hours (x2, there and back) to my future university to have an hour and a half meeting with Accessibility Services (my future home for writing all tests and exams). It was productive, I still don’t understand why it couldn’t have occurred over the phone…but that’s ok, I dragged my sister along so she saw my future university for the first time.

Overall from the meeting I have extra time on all exams, I have a computer if I ask. I was happy to know that they’re ok that I switch writing hands back and forth (they don’t get upset about my writing with my right hand even though I’m getting extra time because I write with my left hand, like some of my teachers have gotten upset with my about. What they don’t understand is that I sometimes I think too fast for my left hand to keep up. Like in math I mostly write with my right hand (until it hurts too much) because sometimes I find my left hand is too slow….). I will have an anonymous note taker, but they’re ok if I also write my own notes (I learn better that way) and they’re ok if I stick with paper textbooks, even though they’re heavier than e-book, because I like making notes in the margins (hehe).

I’m a very classic learner, so I miss when I was normal and things were so much easier…..but I will tell you that my counsellor wanted to make me take a reduced course load, which is so not happening. I’ve gotten into your bloody prestigious program and now you think I won’t be able to handle it? It may not be easy, but things worth doing are rarely easy. Everyone has there challenges, this is mine. I may not have a right arm like I used to but I’m still the person who has and above 90 average thank you very much. I didn’t say that to her, I was extremely polite about it, but you get to be privy to my thoughts, your welcome.

Another big thing out of that meeting that bugged me is that my counsellor told me that I need to talk to my professors that I’m registered with accessibility services but I’m not to tell them why. (or at least I’m not required, but the way she made it sound is that I should not tell them) Which I disagree with, she said it ‘its to protect me from memories or questions I don’t need’ Well thank you but that may work for my sister (she’s extremely private and sensitive about the accident, me not so much) I’ve always found that if people understand why they’re being asked something they’re much more likely to do it and do it well. So I get to go over ‘mock interviews with my professors’ with her in our meeting in September and I’m guessing she’s not going to let me say “Hi, I’m me and I was in a boating accident. So my right arm is screwed up, which is unfortunate yes, especially because I am right handed. But I write with my left hand now, so I’m registered with accessibility services to get extra time on my exams and if you could arrange an anonymous note taker for me I would really appreciate it.”

But of course telling them I was in a boating accident would lead to the questions; “What? How did that happen?” Me: “My sister and I was kayaking and a boat hit us” Them: What? How could they not have seen you?” Me: “The sun was in their eyes….” Them: “Really wow, so what happened to your arm? Me: “My ulna was shattered (the pointy elbow bone) and my humerus was broken, so its healed but I still have 7 screws and a plate in my elbow.” Them: “Wow” Me: “Thank you very much, have a great day”

That’s the normal conversation I get when I say “I was in a boating accident” and I’m fine with it, its happened so much that if one of my friends are around I get them to tell it. They’ve even fought over who got to tell it. Its quite funny and nice, because the person who’s asking the questions realizes that this is such old news and changes the topic!

But back to my counsellor….she I think would rip my head if I said that. I get where she comes from, working with people who have learning disabilities and they might be embarrassed, but I’m not like that. I have no problem telling my teachers what they need to know to understand. I know how to handle questions, and crack jokes to make it seem not so serious. I’m good with saying ‘I’m sorry but I don’t wish to disclose that information right now’ to too personal questions but I don’t really get those, most people are very polite about it.Though I really want her tricks for when I’m in the workplace and on my co-ops so I’m not going to be difficult with her, I may complain about it, but she’s doing what she thinks is best to help me and I may turn out much better for it.

That was pretty much the meeting, although she seemed really worried about my mental health…and my comments of before it was great need to be worked on….she suggests I see another counsellor for that…..but we’ll see.