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…Even though my arm hurt enough that I caved and took some medication….So yes my arm hurts a lot today. Donno why donno how….I was literally about to say that my arm doesn’t hurt as bad as it did yesterday (where I made my dad go and fill my prescription because I had my arm glued into my hoodie pocket (like a sling) and in a level 2 heat wave I wasn’t enthusiastic about going out in a hoodie) (and in my defense he was already going to Costco)  but now I think its just as bad if not worse.

So that’s my complaining paragraph, done. So yesterday I was a hermit but today I went to my dads lake and read, swam and ran from the rain. I didn’t swim across the lake, which was my goal, but the wind was too much to make it reasonable. Although I did do some laps between the dock and a fallen tree about 200m away. This may be why my arm now hurts so much….oh well. I was fun, but you know its hot when the water is too warm to cool you down…..it just makes you wet…which outside is better than no swimming…..