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So in my grade 12 Data class we had to find a relationship between two things and then prove it using statistics, and have a 35 min presentation on it. I did extremely well on it. My teacher loved it because it created a 15 minute class discussion. Guess what my topic was? Boating Fatalities. My question what (you can probably see this coming) What factor causes the most boating fatalities? Here are two of the slides at the start of my presentation. Image Image

Most people understand and relate to auto accidents more so than boating, I understand that (I really do) so I thought I give them something to relate to.

If you want more information or proof of these numbers here are the links I used for my whole project:






More Fun Facts to come from this project, though I’ll try and mix it up sometimes.

(These post are basically me wanting to post something but doing really nothing interesting in my day. Unless you really want to know about me going to the beach (no sun burn) and going shopping. See I saved you from that miserable fate, your welcome 😉 hope you found some of the statistics interesting)