Yay!!! I did my old bike (bicycle) ride today, and it went fantastically!! It’s 15km and I may or may not have gotten lost and had to go up some extra hills. The last time I did this ride, I wore my brace and it was really hard on my arm. And at the end of last week my arm was really bad, pain wise, I caved and without anyone suggesting to me I actually took my medication. Normally, my arm hurts and my mom has to nag me at least three times before I actually take it. So for me to take the initiative to actually take it, its bad. And what frustrated me the most about last week was that I didn’t do anything. Which leads me to blame it on the weather…..which actually works out because we had a tornado warning on friday…..

Today on the ride it wasn’t bad at all! Which is soooo awesome because I used to love that ride. There’s this really hilly area that you have to go through to get to the trail, the trail is an old railway track so it’s not like mountain biking but you can get your cardio up and its all through the forest and farmers fields. Coming from the last time I did it, it left me really sad, frustrated, defeated and completely disabled, so after that I had a huge argument with myself of if I was actually going…but I kept thinking about this quote45ebb33ebbf106d9d4ffc0a8e35f1fa9  and this one helped too…ae4851253e2c6ce8abe6bce392487964

So I downloaded some new music and went, and it turned out better than I could have hoped. I checked scratched one thing of the list of things I possibly can’t do anymore (which feels so amazing I can’t describe it)  And I can add it to the things I CAN do, and that I ENJOY doing. Which I have a lot of now, but when its something I used to do so often, then couldn’t…..but the important thing is that I can do it now, and in my future.