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It is now August….and I have a little less than a month before I move in to university. So my question is in the last month how much of my goal have I accomplished?

If you recall my goal of this whole summer was to figure how what my arm really limits me to do. I first completely eliminated wind surfing, kayaking, canoeing, boating and in boat fishing. That still feels like a long list to me, but if you go back to my original list in my post “The Goal”  its longer.

So, things that I know I can do and have done a lot of are…..drum roll….

  • Rode my bicycle (on two different trails) —I’ve only managed one trail, but I have plans this weekend to do the other one.
  • exercised — that’s a definite
  • worked for my grandfather and dad doing free manual labour — I’ve done a ton of this, I can’t do the heavy lifting that i used to do. But I can do some I just have to watch it.

I also fished from shore at the cottage!!! Not like in the boat, but its more fun because of the no casting rule that my uncle has if we’re fishing from the boat. So I was really happy about that, because I didn’t think I would ever do that again. And I caught the biggest fish so far this season! I haven’t been beat out of that spot that I know of yet. It was a foot long bass….not the best, but is holding the record!

Things I need to work on, (I’ve done these occasionally, but not as much as I feel I should…..)

  • Practicing my viola and strumstick…..
  • family football games….rugbys kinda out with my sisters broken collar bone….
  • BAKING!!!
  • swimming across my dads little lake….

Overall I’ve actually done every one of those things!!! I didn’t realize that! Although I have 3 things I’ve done really well and 4 that I….haven’t….so halfway there…and I think I’m in an ok spot.