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I’m still figuring out my arm, even though it’s been over a year since my last surgery. Although, I think I’m getting closer. And that’s what I really wanted to do this summer. So far my findings are:

If I don’t do anything all day; just sit there in a car, read or watch tv, I have regular normal pain/discomfort because my elbow joint is tight. If I actually do stuff with my arm; lift, hold, carry, I have nerve pain…..and if I really over work it (like I did yesterday) I have so much fatigue that the nerve pain, and regular pain don’t matter because I don’t want to move my arm at all it just plain hurts. So doing a 1 hour bicycle ride and then a 3 hour motorcycle ride….is too much. Doing a 1 hour bicycle ride and then having a normal day fine. 3 hour motorcycle ride, with my regular work out great. Together? Not so much….though I’m not saying I would never do it again, just don’t expect me to do anything after that.

What I have learned is that my work out that I created for myself is really good, I lift weights, but I’m not doing push ups or planks. I’m not sure what the difference is in my joint but I can actually use my arm after, and I am strengthening it I can do more with less pain. Which is a benefit I didn’t realize I would get.

I’m actually really happy with my arm, it took a really long day to get to that pain. Progress, that I really didn’t think I would get. I’m not really happy that I still haven’t practiced my viola or baked much…..which are still my goals…..that I’m really not doing very well with…..I’ll work on that. Hopefully.