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…Well….Personally, I think we should change that to; Desperation, “Desperation, the mother of Invention.” Specifically, my desperation. Yesterday I felt like a genius, what am I saying? I am a genius. Hahaha is ok, for you new readers, I’m really not that cocky. But yesterday I really did feel like a genius.

I was asked to mow the lawn, a semi-regular chore of mine before the accident, I did the front lawn, but my arm was killing me after just that bit. See my mom has an electric mower (yea great for the environment, we just have one because there’s less maintenance on ’em) and the lever thing you hold for it to stay on is just on the right side, made for right handed people (makes sense, most people are right handed) but with the electric mower, there’s a cord too. So, essentially you need one hand to hold the cord and one hand to actually do the mowing. But with the placement of the lever, the arm on the actual mower (that does the pushing, pulling, mowing) had to be your right hand. Which doesn’t work for me. I had to go in and actually take my pain medication (that doesn’t happen often!!!). I was so frustrated, I hate limitations, mainly mine. It’s the first time in over a year that I had actually felt so desperate (I was seriously close to tears, over mowing the lawn; stupid I know, but that’s me. I don’t like my arm stopping me from doing things.)

I got thinking though, my problem was that I need something to hold the lever open, something that’s not my right hand. And I thought of something, string. I can tie it open. And that’s what I did.


Kind of a let down ending, but inventions don’t have to be big, or complicated. If they make things better or easier, they can be just (if not more) useful than the big ones. It’s why you sometimes buy the same thing but the one that’s a bit more expensive, they have those little features that make things easier for you, and in the long run its worth your money.