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So I got a call from my supposed future Don last night and found out I don’t have a single room for res…..I need a single room for medical reasons…not want….NEED. Why you ask? Because getting hit by a boat, three major surgeries, two years of physio and nerve pain and loss aren’t good enough reasons for you? It wasn’t as if that was on my application…..oh wait it was. Its not as if I called you halfway through the summer to confirm with you that you saw and understood my necessity….wait…..I did that too. So, my reasons aren’t good enough…..I copy and pasted my bloody doctors note on to that….personally I feel that if I sent you the results of my nerve conduction test that would be too personal.

So ignoring all that stuff, why should I get a single room. Alright lady count how many times you use your most dominant hand a day, now multiply the effort you put into that times two. Now for that number add a minimum of a twinge of pain, in your shoulder or elbow. On top of that add nerve pain in your hand, I’m sorry I can’t describe nerve pain or fatigue to you, just hope you never have to experience it. How do I deal with all that pain? Medication? Drugs? I only use prescribed ibuprofen maybe once every three weeks. For the nerve pain, I have nothing. Nothing. I have been given different options, but if I can’t drive while I’m on them or have to take them continually…leaves me with no options. So my main line of defense? I have a very high pain tolerance, work to ignore it and put on a happy face. I can only do that for so long, I need to be able to go home and not have to put on a show for some one. I can’t keep it up all the time, I need to go home and get mad and frustrated with myself, be tired and sad and everything in between. And some days I am, its not fair for another person to deal with that. I can’t deal with that. I can only do this as long as my mental health is good, at the end of the day I need to recharge my mental health, I can’t do that in a double room with a stranger I just met.

Is that not a good enough reason? If its not screw you, give me my money back I’ll get an apartment.