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Who holds the cards?

I do….well accessibility services does. The Don that I talked to on Friday night has yet to call me back. So me being me called the head of residence and asked why I got this phone call that told me I have a double room, when I need a single room. Especially when accessibility services also believes I need one. Well the the head of residence was very understanding, looked through my file and guess what? Found a note from my favourite service, stating I need a single room. I was informed that the Dons are the ones that do the room allocations…and some how missed…the note, and the special application for students with need for special accommodations. Wow….they’re impressing me all ready…So I was asked to leave this with the head to deal with….(aka, please don’t call accessibility services on me 😉 ) I’m feeling more relaxed, still annoyed….but I think all the Dons will know me now. I’ll let you know if that’s a good thing or not….And I’m going to give my advisor a HUGE hug when I see her next.