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Sorry it’s frosh week!!! They don’t give you enough time to breathe let alone sleep or blog. But so far its been great! My res is awesome, really like some of my floor mates (others not so much, but they don’t know that!)

So far I haven’t participated in any of the orientation events because of my arm, exhaustion is more the reason. Except roller skating….like with the old fashioned not the modern day roller blades. I fell and my arm really didn’t like it so I turned the skates in and just walked along with my friends (yea I made friends!) some people thought I was weird/cheating….but I thought it was a good compromise.

I did have to miss some events because of meetings with accessibility services, which I was sad about but overall there was no other time I could do the meeting and it went quicker than it was suppose to, yay!! I had a meeting with an academic adviser and she was not very understanding…but I figured it out….although I did have to treat myself to feel better…nothing major though.