I know its a terrible statement, but it feels like it’s been over for a while. I’ve just had a really long week of orientation and classes start tomorrow. So now the question is; in my final summer (yes this is suppose to be dramatic, but mostly I’m just finding it depressing right now) did I accomplish everything I wanted to? Did I find the answers to my original questions?

So to recap my questions were how much have I lost because of my arm, and am I ok with it?

My goals were

  • Play my stumstick and viola
  • ride my bicycle
  • play rugby/family football games (this may have to wait….my sister broke her collar bone on her motorcyle…)
  • bake (already made short bread!!)
  • do some free manual labour (already moved a ton of gravel!)
  • swim across the lake (there’s no boat’s on it ;) but still would be good to take a buddy)
  • Fish, from the shore, maybe

Throw in some motorcycle riding, reading watching movies/tv and you have my summer.

I did everything on the list, maybe not as much as I could’ve but I had a really enjoyable summer.

So what I can’t do:

  • Boat Fishing
  • Wind surfed
  • Kayaked
  • Canoed
  • Boating

I am sad about that, at the cottage it was hard, I’d think oh yea I could go out fishing with my cousins in the boat and then when I actually thought of doing it I’d have a mini panic attack. But overall they’re not things I do everyday. Especially at university. So right now I’m ok with it.

I’m really happy, I pushed myself this summer I’m really happy I got back into exercising and figured out workouts that didn’t hurt my arm as much. Which really felt empowering to me.

They only thing is writing with my right hand really gives me nerve pain, and I didn’t do a lot of writing this summer (yay!). My learned how to write with my left hand and after the english exam I had to take during o-week I haven’t lost that skill as much as I thought. But I’m sure I’ll find out this week….because school starts tomorrow! (honestly though, I’m kind of excited about it. My program is one of the hardest in the country to get into, and its exactly what I wanted. I worked really hard to get here and I’m so happy I’m able to learn what I want.)