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I must admit that I didn’t believe a lot of the things I had been told or had read about the first year of university. Like that it is so much harder than highschool, its difficult being away from home, and that you’ll have no free time.

My experiences from the first week; its not harder material, just way more of it all at the same time. That being said I am in a program that there are only two of in Canada, mine being the one at a better university and with an older program so its much more thought through and with more experience. I’m in engineering, you guys already know that and I’m at the second best university in Canada for engineering apparently. But I’m at the best university (in the world apparently) for cooperative education. If you know your universities, you know which one I’m at.

So basically what all that means is that this is a really intense program and is probably different than others. First week 7 assignments. As it stands I have 5 and half done (the half being a group one, where my page is done but it hasn’t been submitted).

As for being away from home, it is hard at some points but you have to leave eventually. As for the free time. I think that its more that I will always have something I could be doing but that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in your room and never come out.

Overall once I beat the cold I got during orientation week I’ll feel soooo much better.