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Did you know that in engineering you have to learn how to write again? Like learn how to print? Seriously remember back in grade two when you had the letter with the dotted lines and you had to copy the letters? EXACTLY!!! Only they’re so much more controlling, they tell you what line (or curve mr. K) to draw first……

You have no idea how much I want to write all over it “I GOT HIT BY A BLOODY BOAT” and had to learn how to write with my left hand, if its not neat enough for you, you can suck it.

But I can’t do that here, I’m suppose to only tell the minimum and trust me if you tell someone “I got hit by a boat” you have no idea how many people will now know in the next hour, they say they tried to kill gossip in elementary school, but I feel like they didn’t. Or at least the people in their 40’s and up seemed to have missed it.

Don’t worry I finished my assignment, left a sticky not in it explaining (not the whole thing of course) and I managed not to ball my eyes out half way through, I may have cried but I didn’t that much, be proud.