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That’s how I personally like to view things, but last week it was just one thing after another. I have this group project that no one in my group wants to do and they don’t like anyone else in the group. So that was an absolute blast, then I failed the english language proficiency exam…….I know my writing isn’t perfect, like my grammar but I passes grade 12 english, with one of the highest marks in the class, I’ve written award winning essays since I was in grade five…..All these things were in english I might add. So then I email the people who distribute the exam and ask what my next steps are…..They say to make an appointment, although you are unlikely to get one because the appointment times are all filled up, and you can go to a tutorial, but again we have no slots available in our tutorials but I can always check back and see if there is any cancellations. I go to the appointment page and look at the time slots up into december and there are none when I don’t have class…..I then email them back, very politely telling them that I don’t think it’s fair for them to ask me to skip class to go to an appointment…..they email me back telling me that they understand my frustration, but they are unable to help me, if I am not available to any of their timeslots……I cannot go into second year without completing this exam, my only saving grace is that the engineering office thinks this thing is stupid so we’re allowed to take it a second time and then if we fail it we have to pay to take a second course. I will be unlikely to pass if I don’t find out what they’re looking for, because they are not testing my proficiency they are testing how well I write to the test.

So bad week, my arm hurt so much I couldn’t play my viola, it was swollen so much in class I had to take my rings off. And linear algebra is way to hard, especially when you have a professor who I as a Canadian (born raised, by like 10 generations) think is not english proficient makes it really difficult. Do you know how long it took me to figure out that he was saying independent?