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I find it really funny how the smallest things can make or break your day. There are not many girls in my program, so I hang out with a lot of guys in my classes. Which I often find relaxing, but there are some guys that can be so uptight they might as well be girls. But there’s this ONE GUY who is SO CLINGY. And if he wasn’t so STUPID I might be ok with him. But honestly if you leave your assignment until the day its due. I’m not going to walk you through it during a lecture. And on a Friday afternoon in the last tutorial of the day if you have 3 more questions and I’m done and can leave an hour early, I’m not waiting for you. I’m sorry but I’m not nice enough for that.

So he’s not exactly stupid, no one in my program is, but he’s just one of those people that just plain bugs me. There’s no big reason, just a TON of little ones.

My arm you ask? Well I could go on about how much it hurts and it hasn’t hurt this consistently since….well I’m not sure when. But I’m sure next week will be just as bad with all my midterms…..OH and THREE interviews on top of those lovely midterms. Which is kind of nice because it means that people want to hire me, and it means that I’m less likely to get the job I was interviewed for this week. They seemed to like me, but all it is is CADing and sheet metal….which I’ve done before…..I didn’t even send a thank you email, because I really don’t want to be hired by them. Honestly I would rather go into the next round of interviews than go to that job.

Back to studying for me….