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So I am Canadian, and this weekend is Thanksgiving weekend. Unfortunately, I have 4 midterms and 3 co-op interviews next week……so I saw no point in going home if all I’m going to do it study. So I’m here in res. There’s about 20 out of the normal 200, everything seems really empty. Which is ok if you’re studying but its still weird.

What I’m finding the most weird is that I’m not really sad about it. Everything seems so different, like I’m in a different world. And that makes me feel sad. How backwards it that?

Normally I’d be at the cottage, for the past couple years I’ve liked it better in the fall there especially compared to the summer, there’s less boats and people don’t expect you to go swimming or windsurfing or kayaking.

This got depressing really quickly, so I’ll let it go that much farther. What bugs me the most about my accident is not what I physically lost. It’s that I lost that person I was going to become. And I really liked that person I was having a great year and was doing so well.

When I woke up in the hospital I didn’t want to sue that family I don’t remember my reasons but I remember they were good ones and they came from that kind of person. But then life happened and my family ran out of options, we didn’t technically sue them, it was their insurance company but I still kind of wonder what old me would have thought about that. I was such a good person. So now on my birthday that’s coming up I’m going to get this huge cheque and my physio appointments will be less stressful and I’ll be supposedly ok for life. Monetarily anyway. But I still don’t understand how money is suppose to compensate, how is that suppose to make up for the time I lost and the pain an constant challenges I have? I still haven’t figured that one out. I wonder what old me would have thought.

On that extremely sad note, lets finish this off kind of happy. I hope you all are enjoying that feeling of just plain eating too much, taking in the delicious smell of all the food, and basking in the laughter and family games that go on. Remember family pranks are always a good thing. If you’re not celebrating thanksgiving or not with your family, I hope your enjoying and doing whatever makes you happy. Remember to take time for yourself, you are important too!