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I have a long week this week: 4 midterms, 3 co-op interviews and there’s only 4 days in the week, and then I’m going home this weekend. Today was more annoying then most. I had a midterm this morning, it was programming. And for all that I have a lot of robotics experience, I never touched programming. So I really thought I was going to fail this exam, but now I’m going to be really mad if I do, I was able to write something (not just a line but some legit content) for every question. Overall yay for that.

Then I had an interview (in between studying for my midterm tomorrow of course). The interview went really well, so much better than yesterdays! They were both over the phone so it was a bit awkward, but I really got a better feeling than yesterdays. Only issue is that today’s interview is a company that makes ecosounders (I’m probably spelling that wrong) they measure the depth of the water, so I asked them if the students ever got sent out on the water to test them. Well, because that’s one of my concerns, I don’t do boats anymore. Not in any way, shape or form. And I got a half good answer, he said that I’ll be working in the winter, so no dice there. But he did go on to say that we may go out in late march early april…..so I’m hoping by then I’ll know my supervisor well enough to bow out of that endevour.

After that I had a last minute English Language Proficiency exam review, I got called about it yesterday because I sent them assertive emails in September when I failed……and that didn’t really go well, the reviewer accused me of a very negative attitude when I had barely spoken 4 sentences to her…..almost cried there but I didn’t. Made it through and burst into tears on the way back to res. Then a really nice lady from the kitchen staff came over and made me sit down and talk about it. I love those people, the ones that are always there but some people don’t really notice them. I do, always have when I graduated last year there was this one custodian I had gotten to know really well (when you’re in robotics you’re at school until 11:30, so you get to know the other people in the school at that time).

And now I felt I deserved a break before supper, there’s a 3 hour help session later for my exam tomorrow, so I’ll be doing that. I really should’ve done the questions they’re going over before hand….but I didn’t think of it when I had the time….I still have to tell my parents about failing that english exam….so far it’s just my sister who knows. gaaaaaa I’ll get to it….or at least I should.