So it doesn’t feel like a week since I’ve done the last one of these….probably because it hasn’t been, but that was because of my oh-so-exciting weekend last week. Which has thankfully calmed down, my phone bill will be slightly higher, but I’ve never understood the purpose of having something if you never use it because of the cost. I had a much calmer weekend with some excitement too. I got two job offers for my co-op next semester, which is really good not many first years get that. (And they don’t even know that I got hit by a boat). Although I am not taking one because I have the potential to be on a boat……which kinda suck but it limits my opportunities but I just don’t do boats anymore. Period, no exclamation mark.

On to the quotes. This weekend I kind of embodied this quote with one of my group projects. Although it’s not as if they didn’t deserve it. Just because you don’t respond to my emails does not mean that the project due date is going to change.

The second one, just kind of nice to think about. It’s never really been my goal, but if some one said it to me….I think it would make my life.c9614e9194617de8cb6648f263f36518