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Why did no one tell me how much you cry in university? I am not a person who cries very often, or I didn’t use to be. But now I could literally cry at the drop of a hat sometimes. And I know I’m not the only one. I have some of the best floor mates and we all cry so much more than we did before. I know its not my program, even though I know its stressful but I’ve dealt with stress before and I’ve never cried this much. Half the time I just want to craw into a ball and just stare at the wall, but I force myself to do school work so its kinda a win win situation, no crying and I get shit done.

But I’m still trying to figure out why I cry so much, at times I do really feel overwhelmed. Like this week I was still dealing with my family emergency from last week, I was getting a place to stay for my co-op next semester, and making an appointment with a lawyer……my mom was also nagging me to look at vehicles but I only have so much time, oh and I had class and my regular assignments…..and then the weather changed in the middle of the week so I couldn’t write with my right hand on Wednesday….As for the lawyer, I just turned 18 so I get the money that’s been held in trust for me….yay…but I have to fill out these forms in front of a lawyer and then send them away to a magical place and then my money gets put in my bank account, where I should do something with it…..probably……I’m suppose to go see some one about that, but I have no clue when that’ll happen. I guess I’ll find out sometime.

So I guess last week I had a right to feel overwhelmed but I still didn’t really cry as much as I have in other weeks. But honestly I don’t think I’m that abnormal so why didn’t anyone warn me….is it that embarrassing?