Again……my arm sucks the last couple days, probably because I’m not ignoring it as well. Got the papers from the ministry of something important to release the funds held in trust for me…..they never really considered if I wanted them. Which I do, in a way…I mean who doesn’t like money. But I really wish I got it for better reasons.

I filled them out, went to a new lawyer because I can’t go to my lawyer who dealt with all of this for me because he’s five hours away and according to my mom it would be unreasonable for me to come home just for the papers…..which is true….so I got to call a bunch of lawyers and found one close to campus. That part turned out rather well, got a really nice women who was extremely helpful and kind. Had a good walk there too.

Got the last page from my  mom today, so I’ll get them sent tomorrow……and then I get to wait awhile until the money gets put into my account……then I have to figure out what to do with it. This is when I wish I was five and I could go to my parents and tug on their pant leg and point and it would all go away. Put I’m not…..they’ll help me with it, but in the end it’ll be my call and I’m not sure if I’m going to want to make it.

I know I’m being childish, but I’m tired of revisiting it and its not that I don’t like remembering. I don’t remember that moment of when it happened. Never had, I was trapped inside my head all I could see is black. Which means I was conscious for something, but my brain’s not letting me remember it. My mom’s scared that one day something’s going to trigger it. But I really don’t think it will, its not like I want to remember.

Right now though, I really wish I was home. There’s a huge amount of drama going on with my group of friends on my floor about who’s living with who next year. I told them I was going to see a lawyer on Tuesday, that seems like a big thing right? Nope no one asked me about it. There are much bigger things in life then who you’re living or not living with next year, I know it might seem big now…but honestly I think what I’m facing is a bit bigger but thanks for asking….even though you didn’t. I can’t even ask my don questions because they’re in there complaining about each other and I’m standing outside the door so frustrated because my question is hard and it creates more questions and situations that are even harder.

Sorry for the complaints today guys, but that’s me and how I’m feeling.