I don’t understand how people use “I’m having a bad day” as an excuse for treating people badly. For me I know when I wake up how I’m feeling, if my arm or shoulder hurts I know that. And you go into your day knowing that. When I’m talking to people I know if I need to watch what I’m saying if I’m in pain, because I know that I can be careless.

Where did this rant come from? Group project. I don’t understand why if I state my opinion professionally and back it up with information how you can still brush it off and say is nothing. Or be even more rude and aggressive towards me. Its ok, I dealt with it, I left and went to the washroom and cried. Then I went back and attempted not to cry. I wasn’t very successful and my friend in the group dragged me out. we had been working on this project everyday for 2 weeks for at least 2 hours. I was tired, and my shoulder hurt a lot. I left because I didn’t trust myself to behave professionally. Why can’t people know themselves well enough that they may be having a bad day but that doesn’t mean we should treat others badly and cause them to have a bad day.

Overall it was good, got the report in on time. Won an award for the demo and its done. Now today was the last day of classes. just got exams to go.