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I’ve been horrible, I didn’t post quotes last weekend…..to be fair though I had my last exam on monday, 15 multiple choice questions 65% of my mark…..:( Anyway got through it, then had to move out of res, because I’m in co-op….and where’s my job? The middle of nowhere…..but that’s ok, they’ll be lots of snow!

Then once I got home I had to do a bunch of stuff, go to the bank to deal with the first part of my insurance money I got, then move around a bunch of stuff to get ready of my co-op (My stuff’s in two different houses) plus there’s a huge Christmas party at my dads on christmas eve, which is were all my stuff is currently stored so I had to figure it all out before I went to my moms, because that’s where I am till christmas eve. Gaaaaaa but I did it, and got the christmas trees decorated and hung out with family and friends. And now I’m watching a bunch of tv and knitting….mostly because there’s an ice storm outside. But I did get some Christmas shopping done.

And I am currently obsessed with the sound track of frozen, and its a really good movie! If you need to escape for whatever reason, its a good distraction. (People can’t talk in a movie šŸ˜‰ )