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is what I have been for the past two weeks….(MIA is missing in action for those of you non- acronyms souls) I’ve got excuses……which I know you don’t want to hear…..but basically my excuse is that my life got in the way (although my meaning of life is to blog for you people) but I have to have content otherwise these blogs just aren’t very interesting are they? So you will get to hear my excuses.

I have moved to the middle of no-where……like up north (I’m still in ontario for all you serial killers). For my co-op…..I am in walking distance to work (yay…..) but I have my truck, so I can leave whenever I want to (theoretically) and I did last weekend (more on that later). No-where is nice but when asked “What are you doing this weekend?” My response to two different people has been “I don’t know, what do you guys do up here?” They say they don’t know…..which is extremely helpful right? I never thought of myself as a city girl but really what do they do up here?

Mostly I’ve been settling in to where I am living now. I’m renting out a room in this ladies basement, and we share the living space and the kitchen….so I’m getting to know her….and getting used to having no cell phone reception….that I think is the worst part, I panicked my first second night after my mom had left, and I went to phone my dad and I couldn’t. Which was even better for my panicking. I know I’m 18 and blah blah blah but when you move to a whole new place, that you’ve never really been to before (except for that one week you spent in the hospital) and you don’t know anyone here and you staying in a house with a women you just met….how can you not get scared?

Overall its getting better, but its still weird and I miss home…..and my home in res.