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….does have people and houses and all that, but no reception. Which I know you’ve heard about in my last posts….but really it is sooooooo frustrating. Like its not as if I’m going to the cottage (which are called camps up here, #weird)  where I want no wifi and cell reception. Getting back to the “camps” thing. Everything’s called a camp, whether its a cottage, bunkie, summer home, cabin, trailer…..still whenever someone says camp I have to ask them to describe the setting because all I picture is a summer camp with a bunch of kids and cabins or people sitting around a campfire with tents in the background.

The lady I’m staying with is kind, but I’m still getting used to everything. It’s weird living with some one but not having meals together, but still living coherently. I’m getting better with it. I still feel quite bored at some points though.

I went to 4 grocery stores yesterday, because the lady I’m living with is one of those people who goes through the fliers and buys everything on sale…..which she made me do. So 4 grocery stores…..considering I think they only have 6…..I guess I saw the majority.

She also has 3 cats and a dog….I’m allergic to cats so it took me a bit. But allergy pills are the best things of life. Now if it weren’t for the snow it would be better. I shoveled the driveway twice last week…..which I’m not suppose to do with my arm, she didn’t ask me to but I felt like I should. So this weekend has kind of been a recuperation for my arm since it hurts a lot and my job is soldering….so I solder right handed….I can write with my left hand but that doesn’t mean I can do everything with it.

And I get to meet ALL of my land lady’s friends and family. Which is nice since I don’t know anyone here but still…..its like bleh….

I’ll get better, if my arm didn’t hurt so much it wouldn’t be so bad.