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…should not be a thing. Mostly what I’m talking about is the temperature of -45……the – being a NEGATIVE (this is in Celsius, it would be -49 in Fahrenheit and 288 Kelvin for you chemistry people).

But do you know what cold does if you have metal in you???? especially if its close to the surface? Now make it EVEN colder. And with my arm today (it doesn’t like to be consistent, or at least I haven’t figured out its patterns) so today, it would be fineish (like not like normal but not too terrible) and then I would get this HUMUNGOUS ache in my elbow (where the metal is, for those of you who have missed out on my “about” page (also my home page)), and my FAQ page (always open to more questions too). But I haven’t told anyone about my arm at my work yet, I’m only three weeks into my co-op. So I really didn’t want to make it obvious. When really all I wanted to do was swear at my arm. But I didn’t. My restraint is amazing, mostly I just tried to distract myself with my work. Which is how I deal with most of my arm pain, distraction. I know I’ve discussed this before and I know that it is not a good way to deal with it. I still can’t figure out a better way, if I didn’t do anything because of the pain I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I can’t live my life that way. I’m still not even 20. I want to do something worthwhile in my life. I want to do what I’ve always done, which includes things I shouldn’t do, that cause me pain  and cause my family and friends worry. Mostly I want to find the girl I was before. That’s what I’ve always been trying to do.

Well that got depressing fast. I’m going to go work out, then maybe do some knitting.

Wow that’s a weird combination……but that’s me

I think if I could ride my bike (motorcycle) my mental health would be so much better

but its January……with snow and cold……this sadly, depressingly, terribly, heartbreakingly, (insert more words indicating complete and utter suckyness) means no motorcycle…….

Yes, workout, going now.