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Alright people…..my week has been alright, a bit boring but what can you expect in the middle of no-where? I had some low points and some high points. Had an argument (not serious like we hate each other, like I love you but those shoes are just bad) about my sister about shoes for an hour while I was watching Sherlock and trying to paint my nails. It was difficult because we were talking over google chat and it is hard to type while painting your nails. Friday was trouble some but I bought myself some ice cream and watched a depressing movie (I thought it was a happy movie, but turns out I was wrong).  And I bought myself some snowshoes so once its not -42 I’ll get out there and see stuff.

As for the quotes, sometimes we need a reminder that we are important too. So here’s your reminder. 8fd62a8d975a16ec5aa006b13db50076