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Its been another week, and we’re on the eve of another. And that’s as poetic as I get. The Olympics kicked off last week and as much as I want to say Canada did it better (I’m Canadian) I’m reminded that the Olympics are an old historic event where athletes are suppose to be given a chance to compete, to be the best they can be, against others at the same level. And compete professionally free from prejudice…..that doesn’t really always happen with the games but sometimes its good to remember old ideals.

Looking to this upcoming week, we’ve got valentines day…..I do not have a boyfriend (although, I’ve been told this weekend that I’m not trying very hard with not wearing makeup and wearing sweatpants in public. And I’m not going to catch a boyfriend that way…..or so I was told) I was extremely proud that I didn’t laugh in their face.) But I’m ok with being single, what I’m looking forward to is all the chocolate on sale the day after.

Just want to say thanks to all my followers!! I started this blog for me to figure myself out, and as a place I could completely be myself and its really nice that people out there think I’m doing something right, or at least interesting.

So here are some that might make your week easier, I hope! For the ongoing Olympics and at the end of the week Valentines Day.