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….even though its monday…..sorry its a long weekend, and I didn’t have wifi. I went down and met my mom and we spent the weekend together in this little cottage town. It was really quite quaint, we went shopping and snowshoeing. Its fun being a tourist, you get to explore new places and the best thing to do is to ask the locals where to eat. They can always point you in the direction of something unique. Of course there’s all the chain places which can be really nice when you’re home sick, but take a step out of your comfort zone and you may find something you really enjoy.

As for the quotes. I always find when I travel that I get weird looks from people, so that explains the first one. The second is as I was driving away from my mom to go back to the middle of nowhere, chocolate was there for me. b78027490019a457c3216485cfa8b725