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Its cold up here………Which means you stay inside and watch some movies, and study a bit. And go to work of course. Actually its a bit awkward because on really cold days I drive to work, but otherwise I walk. And I just got my new truck, keeping in mind no one knows about my arm at work and I’d like to keep it that way. If they were to find out I got a brand new 2014 truck…..they’ll probably wonder how I could afford it….especially with me being a student…..(for those of you just tuning in, I’m an engineering student on my first co-op term). And I really don’t want to explain where I got that money….I got through taking Kermit (yes, I named it….we have too many vehicles in our family not to) to work twice (it was -30 Celsius….so I caved) with no questions!!! YAY!

I even stepped up my workouts today, when you do they same workout everyday…its not really the best for you and it feels even harder than when you first started, I find anyway. I started using a treadmill, which I’ve never used before. So feel good about that. My thing is, I’m trying to get back to the girl I was in before the accident. Which I know is stupid in some way but she was just so awesome. And she was a lot more fit than I am, so that is my main motivation….I also have nothing better to do currently. Co-ops a bit bring when you’re in the middle of no-where. I’m also going to be seeing a lot of my old friends at the end of march….and I kind of what to do a bitch please with them…..and this is where I get petty…so lets just stick with the first motivational thingy.