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….is not necessarily big things, or things that many people notice. For me today it was quite a small thing that I haven’t mentioned to anyone, or that they would have really thought of.

Today I was hiking and there’s lots of snow and ice up here still, and it was through woods and hills. There was this one hill we were going down and it was quite steep, so it had some wooden stairs to climb down. But they too were covered with ice and snow, not the easiest to walk down. There was a path beside the stairs though, but really steep and I saw it had ice on the steepest part. So I crab walked, without the walk it was more crab slid and then landed on my feet it was so steep.

I told you it was a small thing, but I was able to a) put my body weight on my arm b) slide down without it giving out c) it was semi controlled d) it didn’t hurt during or after (not even my nerves!)

It was awesome, I felt athletic and daring again.
I think I may be finding her, who I was before the accident. But mostly what I’m thinking is that I need to let her go, stop trying to be in the past and be who I am now. I think I need a bit more time trying though. I’ll let you know how it goes.