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I’m in another transition phase in my life schedule….basically I move every four months because of my school and co-op schedule. On top of that I came home for the first time in four months for easter, went back to work for two days (15 hours of driving round trip), then flew to St. Louis for a FIRST Robotics competition, then came home for a week, and I move back to school on sunday.

So its nice to be busy, but I got this really bad cold…..so everything’s more effort than it actually is. Easter with my family was a blast, I had a really good experience flying by myself to the states for the first time, and the competition was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I always tell people how big FIRST robotics is, but knowing that and seeing that turned out to be two different things for me.

Being home is fantastic, I miss it. Most people have four months at home trying to get a summer job….I don’t….but at the same time I think if I was staying at home I would be rearing to get out in the real world again, and not value the time I have at home as much. Overall I’m really tired, I think its my cold, but damn am I tired of packing. I have all my stuff from up north in three different batches and its spread out between two different houses. (My parents are divorced and I live 50/50 at both). So the stuff I want at school is at two different houses too.

As for my arm. Its been ok, pretty good considering the flying and hauling all my stuff. What really did it was when I went into my moms work and I met people and shook their hands. Three guys were giving me the death grip.  I understand that to some people shaking your hand is a test, but seriously. It like pinched a nerve in my hand, so my nerves hurt in my whole arm for like three days. And I’m not sure what to do, I can’t shake peoples left hands because its not normal and they’ll ask me why which I really don’t want to explain. And I can’t not shake their hands because its rude. Overall the death grip doesn’t happen that often, its been about 2 years since the last person. I just got three men in a row……bad luck….