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Well Monday is better than Wednesday right?…….I have two midterms that I would like to blame this time, I just love school in the summer…..it makes those lost days where you wake up not knowing the day even more cherished. I also find that when I get days to do nothing or time out having fun I value it that much more. Its like when you’ve been away from home and you get to sleep in your own bed, that feeling you get when you just relax into it. I’m feeling a bit home sick, but I think that might be stress and having a cold…..makes everything seem hazy….just gotta get through my two midterms tomorrow and I’m good for another week or so….then more midterms….yay…..

As for the quotes, these ones make me want to cry……but that might have been because I had a sneezing fit, I think it was the sneezing fit. Either way I hope this weeks quotes mean something to you and even maybe help you in some way.1a41bdfbbc253b0a94ec6e35120b50bb 271b0382052418f476eb64918e66b1ff