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…..should I even mention its tuesday? Although you people do tend to like my ‘Sunday Quotes’ blogs more when they’re not actually on sundays its seems.

Since last week when I decided that I was going to stop feeling sorry for myself and that I was smart enough to be where I am, things have gotten better. My midterm on tuesday went well and I’ve got another one thursday that probably won’t go as well, but that’s alright. I’ve still got some time to study and people who are willing to help me out. I’m not entirely sure if its actually me feeling good about everything or having a 4 day weekend this past weekend and being home. Which is why this post is late….HAPPY CANADA DAY by the way, and even if you’re not Canadian I hope you can be happy for others celebrations, just think of it as a distant relatives birthday. You might know about it, you might not, either way you don’t send a card but if you hear about it from your grandmother or father, you’re like yay and go back to checking your facebook….sorry twitter, my bad. (I’m sure you all do much more interesting things than facebook and twitter, I’m just generalizing.)

Anyway on with the quotes, this weeks follow from last week with me deciding that I am good enough for my program in university and that I don’t need to prove it to myself.

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