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dictionary.com says fate is:
1.something that unavoidably befalls a person; fortune; lot: It is always his fate to be left behind.
2.the universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed; thedecreed cause of events; time: Fate decreed that they would never meet again.
3.that which is inevitably predetermined; destiny: Death is our ineluctable fate.
4.a prophetic declaration of what must be: The oracle pronounced their fate.
5.death, destruction, or ruin.

Hopefully its not exactly number 5 but death is inevitable….Its just lately everything seem’s to be falling into place, in my program I feel like I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be. I can’t think of somewhere else I’d rather be (except home). And then I’ve been applying for jobs because I’m on co-op next semester, but during the first round of jobs I had no interviews. During my last term I had four interviews and two job offers in first round. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my resume this time. I thought it was maybe where I was applying because I was trying to get a job closer to home, rather than the middle of no-where, but even when I stopped doing that in second round I had nothing. Then in the third round, three jobs came up near home……I had one interview last week and I didn’t get it, then I had two on tuesday. The first interview went terribly but the second one went perfectly, I was so sure I was going to get an offer, but they didn’t get back to anyone….they still haven’t. Then I got two more interviews yesterday and guess what? One of them was one near home. The interview went ok, not fantastic. The second one went amazingly though, but then they told me they wouldn’t be getting back to the candidates until next week……..then last night I got an offer for the job near my home……maybe I’m reading into this but…….it just seems so perfect, I’ve never contemplated fate….but this has just made me wonder….I’m in no way complaining, I really wanted to get back home….I’ve been away for a long time…..but I’ll be there soon.

What do you think? Do you believe in fate? Just something to think about……


I just want to say, while I was looking for a good “fate” quote there were a lot of one’s about relationships……being perpetually single I find this quite sad…..mostly frustrating…..although it may just be that it reminds me of how I’m single….which I am completely ok with…..seriously.