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I know its really monday……and that I missed last week. Please keep your disappointed speeches to yourself I’ve heard enough about the bad things going on in life. Which leads to this weeks events….I officially have a co-op job for next term. Yay!! Finals are in 15 days…..AHHH!!!!

As for the quotes, this week I’m trying to think about the bright side of thing. Sometimes you just need to view things from a different angle. Its difficult at times….I’ve learned to be quite good at it with my arm and everything (which is not doing too well this week) but I know its hard and there will be situations when you cannot think of positively anything that is good in a situation, but I promise you there is always something. And when you can’t figure it out, take a step back and think of something good that you can do for yourself. Whenever I have to do something unpleasant or something I’m not looking forward to I find something I want to do after so that throughout the situation I have something to look forward to. My mom taught me that. After each of my surgeries I had a movie that I really wanted to see or a book I wanted to read waiting for me. Sometimes you have to do those things for yourself.