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So its been a year……of change, opportunities, learning, adventures, and experiences. I was thinking, this time last year I was gearing up to go to university…..doing nothing all day, relaxing, and packing. The classic first year nervous, excited, so tired of my home town and ready to go. But at the same time some trepidation because I’d never lived anywhere for a long time but home. And now, I’m gearing up to go home. I’ll be living at home for the next four months while I’m on co-op. And its so weird because I wanted so much to get away from home, and then this winter on co-op all I wanted was to go home. And now……I’m perfectly happy where I am, besides the looming finals and all the school work, its been quite a fun summer. I’ve gotten to know some people that I never knew I’d get to know so well and the likelihood of us seeing each other again are slim. They’re not the kind of people you invite to go out for supper with. I miss home but I’m comfortable here, the people, places and just the calmness.

I AM SO UNDECIDED, I want to go home, then I don’t, then I want to leave, then I want to stay.