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This past week has been alright……FINALS start tuesday……….there’s nothing really positive I can say about that. This past week though has been alright, very much study filled…..but that’s mostly to be expected. With the stress and all the writing my arm isn’t too impressed with me, which means life becomes that much more unpleasant. I haven’t needed to take my medicine though, unlike I did last round of finals where I took them pretty much everyday. So yay improvement!

This weeks quotes I picked out pretty fast actually, one is related to how I should think about going into exams but the other…….I don’t normally talk about my love on here….because there’s really nothing to talk about, I am perpetually single. As soon I say “girl in engineering, who rides a motorcycle” they don’t really talk to me anymore….I am not complaining, just stating a fact. Anyway, normally I just develop these crushes on guys and then they go away after a bit. This time though, its a guy in my program and I’ve had a crush on him for about two and a half months now. Of course I haven’t done anything about it, normally it just goes away. So one of the quotes is about that…..because I’ve been thinking about it way too much lately. 3e226d3448aa4daf97fa779b497c8eeb 818af71df69acdf6dded6150c99be546