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I know its Monday, but I got back from the cottage early this morning…..1 am early, and there’s no internet there….Finals are DONE. Officially done my first year of university…..scary, I don’t know how I did yet. Right now I’m recovering. From stress, fun, staying up too late, pushing myself, and pushing my arm. It got really bad there towards the end. I spent 10 minutes in one of my exams just wishing my arm would stop hurting so much. I haven’t really given it the rest it deserves but hopefully I’ll start on that tomorrow.

As for the quotes, these two just fit right now in my life. When I’m home I always have a plan. My time is split as 50-50 as I can between my parents. If I do that for the next four months, I’m going to go crazy. 735ebacb088b65f7b57eb30a8c9a3aa2 984db550eed623d31e0a22a84ce80032