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I AM SO SORRY. I know I’ve done sunday quotes on wednesday before, but still. I had to work on saturday….so I feel like its still last week. This job is taking up so much time and energy. Its the perfect job if I didn’t live at home. There’s a big chance for overtime and staying late…..but I’m living at home, and I would actually like to spend some time there….I got so mad last night when my dad texted me and said “so you’ll be late for dinner” because I am so tired of being late for dinner when my first priority should be my job……but that’s what co-op is….not only are you working at an actual job but you’re getting a mark for it.

As for the quotes, I’m tired of being tired….so the first one is kinda how I’m feeling at the moment, the second is just because I wanted something happy. 5d7dc93eb79e8e92519275ac4474b739 086fb29b9d9a431ca5014604c10e9d7f