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Robots, robots got back into robots this weekend. We had an off season competition this weekend, I’m a mentor on one of my old teams while I’m home this co-op. Its so nice to get back into it. Although with the added politics of whats going on with the robotics alumni group at my university there were some people I had to avoid. But it was still good.

As for the quotes, this week……I am still working through my crush on a guy at work….so that’s my inspiration for the first one. The second was also inspired from work (its all I do lately) but also the chores I seem to spend my weekend doing. Its fall so its a lot of raking leaves, cleaning gardens, and moving wood. I just am lucky enough to be doing it at so many different places. (still not sure if that’s sarcastic)  46742869c6cb54721771d4128cf3b299   9f0864901001e1c73bd5099874b922c2