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Alrighty, I hope everyone’s doing well so close to the holidays. I personally celebrate Christmas, but if you wish me happy Hanukkah I would appreciate it just as much as if you were to wish me a merry Christmas. I haven’t done any christmas shopping…..but this is my last week of work so I plan to blitz through it all next weekend. Hopefully.

As for an arm update, it’s been hating me for the past week. It hurts, and I don’t know if it the weather or some stuff I’ve been doing at work….Its probably a combination but I can’t change either of those things. I could take medication, but it hasn’t been bad enough for me to remember….its just a constant pain. Fantastic….

As for the quotes, the first one is because I tend to intimidate people without trying and I need to remember that it ok and can be funny at times. The second one just sounds so wise I thought it could be good for some one who might need it. c65cd1afed4a795fbbb017445805dfa8 bc23019b5710b72631dea92206180f6e