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I’m done my second co-op! Its scary how fast time is going. I don’t think its a bad thing, just looking back it weird to think of how things were a year ago. I really thrived in this last co-op, my review was as good as I could get and I enjoyed a lot of it. Of course there were parts of it that I didn’t, but that’s par for the course. It was 11hours a day and then I had an hour commute one way everyday, so it did not leave time for much else, but I made a ton of money. Its weird, this co-op had nothing to do with my field but I enjoyed it immensely more than my first co-op where it was directly related……more on that later, promise.

Arm update, for the past two days I feel like its been a huge down fall. I’ve been going and going like crazy the past 4 months and now its all over. I’m tired and my arms been bad, not yet the I-should-take-medication-bad but I’m wearing a hoodie so I can use the pocket as a sling bad. I’ll get some more sleep and things will hopefully seem better soon.

As for the quotes, I cried on my way home on friday. My life is a cycle of beginnings and endings every four months it seems. That’s where the first quote came from. The second one is because I have developed these different groups of friends, some would say they’re from different classes….I don’t really notice until some one mentions it. I tend to see people as people and all that matters to me is how they treat others, not how much money they have or where they’re from…..but that’s me.

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