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I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and I hope it brings some joy and happiness into your life in whatever form, small things or maybe big gestures. I know that while there are very joyful moments there are also sadness and stresses all wrapped up into a couple weeks.

The quotes this week I hope might give you some possible insight on how to survive the holidays and I also want to remind you of your patience. Count to 10 take a walk, whatever you have to do, you might not have seen these people in a while and you might not see them until next Christmas…..is it really worth it to bite their heads off? No matter how satisfying you might think it will be. Sadly I am speaking from this lovely thing I call personal experience.

Right before the Quotes, quick arm update……it hurts….like a bitch…which is not helping me with the patience aspect I was just talking about….and because of the pain I’m not sleeping well, which means I’m tired…which also isn’t helping with all that I have to deal with during the holidays….yes, I am complaining…. 993e42b77e9acb9a36c469812eaa2ddd1b76b3aafb2635d3f9f7d83165f29b47