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This week was more busy than I really wanted it to be. Assignments, quizzes, co-op interviews, and projects. Of course my arm decided it wanted to join the party, I was just sitting in the middle of class and it suddenly started to hurt. Luckily I had my pills on me and class to distract me. I write with my left hand now (I was right handed) so my right arm just had to sit there. Normally I switch back and forth depending on the notes. For instance; I can’t draw very well with my left hand, so some of my diagrams from that day…..not all that good. But that’s ok, it was a challenge that distracted me.

As for the quotes, my program is very competitive. How many interviews you have, how good your marks are, that kind of thing. I try very hard to stay out of that, let it wash over me…..normally I’m quite good with it, but with all the stress last week I got caught up in it.