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I am desperately sorry, because its really not sunday now is it?

My midterms are over!!! yay! My arm got really bad though, I straight up couldn’t write with it on thursday. Granted I’m not really supposed to write with it at all. I take notes with my left and in class but it still can’t keep up with me when I’m doing some questions. Especially in an examination scenario. And then with five midterms in five days, and studying from 7am to 11pm for said midterms (minus actually writing the midterms. transportation and food) I really didn’t give my arm a break.

Yes, I took my pills…..thanks mom. But they only do so much. And then it got really cold so that was not helpful either.

But I made it though, and now its reading week. Since I had midterm last week, I’m caught up on all my courses……so I really have nothing to read.

Except quotes.

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